Skylights and glass roofs

Świetliki dachowe, dachy szklane

What do we offer?

What are skylights and glass roofs?

In recent years, roof surface glazing, illuminating the interiors of houses or industrial buildings, has gained a lot of popularity. In our range we have flat roofs made of glass and glazing elements fitted into sloping roofs. The number of possibilities is almost unlimited. Façade and roof systems enable the realisation of extremely bold designs. We use only proven systems, which have been available and developed for many years. We guarantee tight seals, high durability as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. Our co-operation with the leading glazing providers enables us to offer you reflective, coloured, impact resistant or light blocking glass. We also make industrial skylights filled with polycarbonate, meant for factories.

In accordance with the basic rules of architecture, every room should have access to natural light. It has a positive influence on people and brings economic benefits.


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