Sun protection systems

Sun protection systems

What do we offer?

Why do You need sun protection systems?

Protecting the inside of a building against excess sunlight is crucial for several reasons. First of all, too much sunshine leads to the overheating of offices and flats, which may result in higher costs of air-conditioning. Since costs of energy use are very high these days, it turns out to be more expensive to cool down the building than to warm it up.

Sunscreens stop direct light and let in only reflected or scattered light which does not blind people working close to the windows.

Systemy przeciwsloneczne

At the moment the YAWAL SUN PROTECTION system can be divided into three groups:
– Sun breakers – fixed version
The name sun breaker means a powder coated aluminium profile with optical lens-like cross-section, fixed to the façade or the building wall with the use of pillars and brackets. They can be installed at different angles in relation to the falling light and depending on the user’s requirements.
– Sun breakers – mobile version
Mobile sun breakers are technologically more advanced than the fixed version. They make it possible to control the position of the sunscreen profiles. The movement of the slats is operated by installed linear motors co-operating with different kinds of controllers. Proper distribution of sun breakers on the supporting structure results in the creation of a sun curtain which may give the effect of a complete blackout inside a room e.g. conference room.
– Facade blinds
Slat structures installed on the façade of the building or directly onto the windows. They can be installed on special hangers or in a frame. These products are used to limit the amount of sunlight coming inside the building or to hide some technical devices on the walls, such as air conditioning units.
Sun protection systems

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